Mission Statement

Where do you turn when you’re too old for beer and babes, too young for your father’s magazines, and not metrosexual enough for facials and exfoliates? What’s the one magazine that brings it all together for the educated, upscale man who craves the good life and is acquiring the means to achieve it? Avery Cardoza’s Player is a real guy’s guide to celebrities, fashion, cars, technology + good drinks, good smokes and good times.

Fun, smart and snappy, without the smug approach of “hipper-than-thou” magazines that speak to a marginalized audience, Player’s editorial approach is a broad mix of Hollywood’s A-List, useful “how-to” information, and cutting-edge cultural journalism. We challenge the reader while never speaking over his head, urge him to step up to the plate in his everyday life without presenting unattainable goals.

In short, Player is Everyman’s Manual: a blueprint for style, substance and sin–because we all need a little of each.

AVERY CARDOZA, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Avery Cardoza Avery Cardoza is one of the most successful publishers in the United States, with a publishing empire that spans books, software and magazines. In addition to being the CEO and founding publisher of Avery Cardoza’s player, he owns four book publishing companies with a combined total of more than 250 titles and 10 million books in print, and a software development and publishing company, Cardoza Entertainment, which counts USA Today bestsellers among its titles. He has previously owned successful advertising companies and a graphic design shop, and authored the “bible” on publishing: The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing—a book the PMA calls “the most comprehensive guide on publishing… maybe ever.”

Avery is a multimillion-selling author of more than 21 books and advanced strategies and the world’s foremost authority on games and gambling. He is a regular competitor and money-winner at the top levels of the professional poker tournaments, where he appears regularly on television competing against the best players in the world.